What You Will Be Getting

  • The 5-Steps of Career Switching

    Learn the most innovative and effective method of making a mid-career switch. Watch over 50 mins of Video Training and ideas from renowned Author and Career Strategist, Adrian Choo.

  • Exclusive Bonus Videos

    Stream over 10 hours of exclusive content specially curated to show you how to make a career-switch in a safer and successful way.

  • Tough Questions To Ask Yourself

    Discover if your desire to make a Career Switch is a good idea or a dangerous one with this Powerful video. Some great ideas for making a safer transition are also included.

Course curriculum

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  2. 2
  3. 3
    • 3 Ways To Achieve Career Happiness

    • A Portfolio Career - Is it right for me? (47:24 min)

    • Finding Your Purpose (51:46 min)

    • Strategies for Overcoming Your Career-change Anxiety (51:22 min)

    • Pursuing Your Dream Job After 55! A Guest Speaker Shares His Story. (60:50 min)

    • How to Fix a Job-hopping Career Story (51:55 min)

    • Conducting Your Own Career Audit (51:55 min)

    • What's REALLY Stopping You From Your Dream Job? (56:40 min)

    • How to Fix a Job-hopping Career?

    • Overcoming Career-Change Anxiety (51:22 min)

  4. 4
    • Our 40 Year Career Journey

    • Getting That Promotion You Deserve

    • Building Career Resilience

    • Tips At Your Career Crossroad

    • The Secret to Getting Promoted

    • About the CareerMastery™ Program

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Very Satisfied!

David M, Senior Executive

“It's not just a course about job hunting but a customized and personal approach to achieving a fulfilling career.”

Great Advice!

Amanda A, HR Director

“If you are looking for professional & well balanced advice on career coaching,look for Adrian & his team at Career Agility.”

I Learnt A Lot!

Priscilla T, Digital Marketing Leader

I have definitely learned new things and gathered fresh insights after joining the CareerAgility Workshop.”

Strongly Recommend!

Maurizio P, Global Leader

“This program is a well-structured process. Adrian is able to stimulate and challenge with the right questions to help you planning 'what's next.”

Useful At Your Crossroad!

Mikel O, General Manager

“I highly recommend this course to someone at a career crossroad, it was informative, an "eye opener" and a good guide to go deeper into oneself.”

Your Master Coach

CEO and Founder

Adrian Choo

Adrian Choo the CEO and Founder of Career Agility International. He is a highly regarded Career Strategist and Thought Leader in Asia. Adrian held leadership roles in respected multinationals including Shell, GE Plastics, Boyden Global Executive Search and Lee Hecht Harrison. As a veteran headhunter and Career Advisor, he authored "Career-Crossroads" in 2015 and founded Career Agility International two years later Today, he is a Global Career Expert and is sought after by clients from as far as the UK, USA, Japan and Europe. He can be heard on national radio every Thursday morning on his weekly show, “Happy At Work with Adrian Choo.” https://www.linkedin.com/in/adrianchoo/

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