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What You Are Getting

Your Programme includes the following components designed to help you land your Dream Job Faster!

  • 8 Training Videos + Bonus Content

    Learn how to land your Dream Job with over 80 minutes of personalised training on Career Strategy™ and Job Search Strategy from the Career Experts.

  • 11 Powerful Job-Hunting Tools

    Download 11 Job-Hunting Tools including , Resume Checklists, Action Words, Sample CVs, Linkedin Checklists, Interview Preparation Kit and many more useful templates.

  • 90-day Email Program

    Your purchase comes with a 90-day Job-search email with powerful tips, reminders and over 12 hours of bonus videos and your own Job-hunting Toolkit to help you land your job faster!

What You Will Learn

  1. 1
  2. 2
    • Step #1 - Develop Your Long-Term Career Strategy™ (13:50 mins)

    • Step #2 - Attract The Right Jobs with A Strong Professional Brand (7:21 mins)

    • Step #3 - Harness The Power Of Linkedin As A 24/7 Job-Leads Machine (5:31 mins)

    • Step #4: Create The Optimised Job-Search Strategy™ That Works! (7:57 mins)

    • Step #5: Networking Secrets That Open Doors To Hidden Jobs (8:16 mins)

    • Step #6 - Developing Your JobSearch Resilience™ (6:15 mins)

    • Step #7: Start Your Own Gig (9:34 min)

    • Step #8: Turbocharge Your Interview Strategy (11:08 min)

  3. 3
    • Module A: My Career Strategy Exercise

    • Module B - Building My Professional Brand

    • Module C - My Resume Review

    • Module D - My Linkedin Checklist

    • Module E - My Target Company Tracker

    • Module F - My Network Tracker

    • Module G - My Job Research Kit

    • Module H - My Interview Preparation Kit

    • Module I - My Job Opportunity Tracker

    • Module J - My Salary Calculator

    • Module K - My Offer Checklist

  4. 4
    • How To Handle Being Retrenched (9: 12mins)

    • 5 Reasons Your Job Search is Stalling (59:13 mins)

    • 5 Signs of a Toxic Work Environment (42:12 mins)

    • The Holy Grail: Achieving Career Happiness (54:02 mins)

    • Why Your Resume Is Being Ignored By Headhunters (53:30 mins)

    • Linkedin Job-Hunting Power Tips (50:10 mins)

    • The 5 Types of Interviewers and How to Handle Them (59.03 mins)

    • The 5 Cardinal Sins of Job Hunting

    • Bonus Material - How to Bypass The GateKeeper

    • Headhunter Secrets 1 - What We Look For

    • Headhunter Secrets 2 - How To Attract The Right Headhunters

  5. 5
    • Our 40 Year Career Journey

    • How To Get Promoted At Work

    • The Successful Executive's Secret Weapon - Career Resilience

    • Ideas for Career Crossroaders

    • How To Get Promoted Fast

    • About The CareerMastery™ Program

  6. 6
    • Ebook - 8 Proven Secrets To Landing Your Dream Job

What Our Clients Say

Very Satisfied!

David M, Senior Executive

“It's not just a course about job hunting but a customized and personal approach to achieving a fulfilling career.”

Great Advice!

Amanda A, HR Director

“If you are looking for professional & well balanced advice on career coaching,look for Adrian & his team at Career Agility.”

I Learnt A Lot!

Priscilla T, Digital Marketing Leader

“I have definitely learned new things and gathered fresh insights after joining the CareerAgility Workshop.”

Strongly Recommend!

Maurizio P, Global Leader

“This program is a well-structured process. Adrian is able to stimulate and challenge with the right questions to help you planning 'what's next.”

Useful At Your Crossroad!

Mikel O, General Manager

“I highly recommend this course to someone at a career crossroad, it was informative, an "eye opener" and a good guide to go deeper into oneself.”